Human Computer Interaction Assignment 4

Chris Eigner and Ildikó Tóth and

Content Model

large version here


Note: nouns and verbs are bolded for clarity

Material Inquiry:

  1. User scrolls through course list
  2. User selects CS101 course to enter chat room
  3. User sends message to ask about course material

Topic Search:

  1. User scrolls through course list
  2. User selects CS101 course to enter chat room
  3. User searches for topic in chat history
  4. User reviews messages related to search query

Missed Reference Case

  1. User authenticates by filling out username and password
  2. User selects to CS 101 chat room
  3. User scrolls up to view chat history
  4. User searches and navigates to linked article on data structures he/she missed during class

Feedback Case

  1. Users selects CS 101 chat room
  2. Teacher sends message containing question to chat room while teaching
  3. Users send messages to answer questions

Group Assignment Case

  1. User enters CS101 chat room.
  2. User creates group
  3. User invites 3 classmates to group.
  4. Invited users accept or reject group invitation.

Retrieving messages Case

  1. User enters CS101 chat room
  2. Meta info shows there are 2 notifications
  3. User views list of notifications
  4. User sees message that invited user has accepted group invitation

User Feedback

For the interview the potential user was given a summary view of the content model. Each noun and verb was described. Special care was paid to the language the interviewee used to describe how they might interact with the application. Verbs like “scroll”, “tag”, “search”, and “message” came up often. The user was particularly interested in a file management feature whereby he could upload notes and assignments and students could access these via a sidebar. We correctly anticipated that course material access/management would be a desirable feature and built this into our content model.