Coaching and Training for Engineers and Engineering Leaders

For Individuals

Are you looking to accelerate your career growth? Are you new to Engineering Management? Let me help!

  • Create a career plan and get promoted
  • Learn how to "Manage Up"
  • Become great at giving and receiving feedback
  • Build systems and processes to accelerate your growth
  • Create and identify new ownership opportunities
  • Negotiate a bigger salary, larger signing bonus, and more equity
  • Set and achieve goals with your manager
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Decide if it's time to join another team or company
  • Practice for interviews
  • Manage difficult peers or reports

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For Companies

Engineering leadership workshops can be delivered on-site or remotely, up to 40 people. Example workshops include:

  • How to Engineer Your Career
  • Supercharge Your Team With Radical Ownership
  • How to Lead Through Change (e.g. Acquisition, New Management)
  • Standardizing Your Recruiting Process

If you're interested in booking me for a workshop, I can be reached at my personal email eignerchris [@] gmail or schedule a call with me to learn more.


"My sessions with Chris really gave me the confidence I needed to take the next steps in my career. I really appreciated how Chris would customize each session to address any new situations that came up since our last session at the same time as making progress on my long term goals." – Brian Chastain (One Main Financial)

"I feel lucky to have had Chris be my mentor/coach. I appreciated Chris’ patience and calm delivery. I also loved that he brought a genuine enthusiasm for everything we did each day. It is so like Chris to help others become their best professional selves.  I later went on to start my own web development company using all of the skills Chris taught me." – Kari Newhouse (Dachis Group)

"I always look forward to my coaching sessions with Chris! I appreciate the transparency in feedback and insight you share for handling various work scenarios, and long thoughtful discussion about career trajectory and personal growth. Thanks for all our conversations!" – Brian Lee (Credit Karma)

"Chris helped me realize that I was making decisions that undermined my own ability, and he helped me find a new path that suited my personality and skillset. Without his guidance, my career would have taken a completely different trajectory." – Jeff Peterson (Recurly)