Things I've worked on include:

Credit Karma - Fintech Startup
Senior Engineering Manager

ASCII Prints - Home Decor Product
Marketing, Product

Colorado Blockchain Capital/BXE Capital - Digital Asset Hedge Fund
Business Operations, Due Diligennce, Dealflow

Epsilon Eight - Digital Product Studio
Development, Project Management, Dealflow, Marketing

Recurly - Subscription Payments Tool
Development, Engineering Management, Hiring

First Class Flyer - Premium Flight Deals
Recurly Integration Consulting

TeachTCI - Teaching and Education Platform
Development, Engineering Mentorship

Wexus - Water and Energy Usage Analytics Product
Development, Product

Hellobar - Marketing Product
Development, Salesforce Integration

C40 - Global Climate Change Advocacy Group

C40 Mayors Summit Microsite - Global Climate Change Advocacy Event

Anyperk/Fond EngagementIQ - Employee Retention Product

PivotPlanet/Revere - Mentorship Platform
Development, Product

Measureful - Marketing Insights Product
Development, Product

Docklister - Boat Classifieds/Marketplace
Development, Product, Dealflow, Marketing

Menuish - Restaurant Management Product
Development, Product