turning off touchflo 3d

out of curiosity i recently disabled touch flo to see if i could get a faster mobile experience. turns out its pretty snappy and its still user friendly. here’s how you do it, if you’re so inclined:

1. ‘start’ -> 'settings’ -> 'today’

2. click the 'items’ tab at the bottom

3. uncheck touchflo3d at the bottom

4. check any items you may want on your main screen. for instance i checked date, calendar, messaging, tasks, and googlesearch, among others.

that’s pretty much it. give it a whirl and see how you like it. one note, because you no longer have a screen devoted to apps, you’ll want to add the most useful apps to your start menu via 'start’ -> 'settings’ -> 'menus’. for instance, i added a link to my camera.