Q2 2018 Update

It’s been awhile since my last update but I’ll do my best to bring everyone up to speed.

When I last posted, I was building a software consulting business, Epsilon Eight. In Feb 2017 I hit an extended period of reduced dealflow that tested my abilities as a business owner. The sales pipeline was never completely dry but definitely enough to hurt. Despite my efforts to find projects, Epsilon was only signing contracts worth $2k-3k per month.

Having exhausted most of my working capital, in May 2017 I joined a cryptocurrency hedge fund as CTO/COO. Portfolio theory has always fascinated me and the cryptocurrency market was booming. It seemed like an opportune time to transition to something new.

For the last year I’ve been running operations at Colorado Blockchain Capital, recently rebranded to BXE Capital. In total we raised over $4M and at the peak of the market had $20M+ AUM (Assets Under Management). We funded several talented projects and produced amazing returns for our investors. But today I’m stepping down from my role at CBC to move back into Engineering leadership. That being said, as an equity partner in the fund, I will of course continue to work with CBC/BXE in an advisory capacity.

While I’m thankful for my time at CBC and the talented people I worked with, I’ve been asked several times why I’m leaving. First, my responsibilities were gradually tapering off as we established solid operations. Second, neither my wife nor I were completely happy with our move to Denver and we were beginning to feel the itch to return to the West coast. And third, I was tired. This was at least my 3rd new project in several years and I was burnt out on the hustle. I needed to recharge.

So what’s next?

For the last couple months, I’ve been applying to well-funded Bay Area companies and remote gigs. If you or anyone you know is looking for Engineering Managers/Director or a Sr. Engineer, feel free to put me in touch. I’m open to both.

We’re waiting to hear back about several jobs offers while we list our house. If I receive a job offer in the next several weeks, we’ll be packing up and moving to the Bay Area. If not, we plan on renting a place up in Puget Sound while the weather is nice and I’ll take a break from applying to find a good remote gig.

I want to thank my wife Devon for her love and support. Devon, you are my world. Your love, patience, and wise counsel have been crucial, particularly these last few years.